In English

(trying to write some in english I hope its not to bad language and spelling*lol)

My name is Felix and Im bort in 1998 in Sweden.

I was born with some special things....
I got one more cromosome and they called it downs syndrome.

I was adopted when I was 4 mounth old. then I got a big brother Eric and mon and dad.
My older brother is born in South Korea so his adopted to...

My and My brother...
eating some candy after a very long vacation trip last summer (2013)

the famely got a small dog called Tova. she is a very good friend and like when Im playing with her...

I´m living in a small town in Sweden. 100 km south from the capital Stockholm.

Im going to school and right now im in the end of 9 grade. Next year Im going to gymnasium (high school) ita going to be fun..i think=)

I dont have so much language. I dont speak but I use some sign and my pictures book to show people what I want.
Me and my my funny

I love water.♥ 
can´t swing but Im trying=) but I love water so I had a pool day once a week in the school... my best day of the week.

and I love icecreame...I can do anything (almost anything) for one *yummi*

And at last I love music!!
and play some my self its so funny....

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